Our History


     Ben Chesebro Ministries was founded in Kansas in 1996 on the belief that God desires His children to be healed and whole; and that they can receive healing and wholeness by understanding and applying Biblical knowledge about obtaining forgiveness for sin. 


     We adopted the words "Cleansing Waters" with a drawing of the window of Heaven open and pouring forth the water as our logo.  It represents the washing of the water of the word of God that cleanses God's children from their sins when they confess them to God in Jesus' name. 


     Since that time, Ben has conducted meetings to teach the principles of forgiveness and what to ask God to forgive.  Ben has helped many people one-on-one, too.  He also wrote an unpublished book, "Comprehensive Personal Repentance" that gives practical advice to those who can't seem to obtain the promise of restoration; and a booklet, "Forgiving Others God's Way Brings Healing."

     He believes the person who confesses sin according to Biblical knowledge is forgiven, and should be truly revived!