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Please write or email us and let us know when the Lord heals you and changes your life because of what we teach.  Your testimony may be added to this website.


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Healing of Fibromyalgia

      As we were praying over the phone and you began to talk to me about forgiveness of my father (natural) I forgave him and my mom.  As we prayed I noticed the lumps under my skin were disappearing and the pain of the fibromyalgia was also leaving.

     I am walking out this healing.  As I forgive others I receive a new level of healing in many parts of my body. Its been an amazing journey and one I am so thankful for.  I am able to do things I have not done in years now - like paint a room, things that most take for granted. 

     I praise the Lord for His love and His healing power.  Blessings and thank you Ben for showing me the root of my disease and praying with me.  It truly has been an amazing journey.  

V.W. Kansas


Wonderful Change

Ben, I wanted to let you know that using your books on forgiveness and repentance has brought a wonderful change in my life.  I have found out that I am now living in the blessings of God.  Previously, my life was bound due to personal and generational sins.  But using your pattern of praying has brought much relief from the consequences of my sins.  One of the most outstanding deliverances was from the curse that came on me as a result of being born out of wedlock, the curse of being a bastard.  Praise the Lord for His goodness to children of men.

 C.B. Florida


I am also continuing to take back ground from the enemy on a regular basis.  I am now able to stand up to people who try to bully me and that never used to happen.  When people try to manipulate me, I am now able to step back and decide to be a nonparticipant.  If two people are having a conflict, now I am content to step aside and let them settle it without trying to help them get along.  If someone else is not fulfilling their responsibilities, I do not necessarily have to do it for them.  For instance, if my husband is not correcting our son when he should, I can just leave the room and let the boy misbehave until my husband does take care of it.  I realize that if I do what my husband is responsible for even though he wants me to, then they both will be mad at me and not know why.  Life is so much easier now because I am more free.  And it began with hearing your testimony in Topeka many years ago.  Thank you so much, from me and my family.
B.A. Kansas

Another Update

Just wanted to say I still use your praying method and it is the one thing that has totally worked.  All else has definitely helped, but if I didn't have this I would not survive.  I am really getting set free.  It has taken so long to gain my freedom because my issues started when I was still in the womb.  My mother and brother and somewhat my sister did not want me and my mother even wanted an abortion.  I have never felt like a part of the family.  I have always felt like an intruder and that everyone else is better than me and I am not worthy of them.  I have prayed a lot about it lately and am getting breakthrough.  So again thanks so much.  

K.R. Maryland


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